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We're always here to help out with any questions. dave@lookmomnocode.com

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Bubble Elements

Recruitment Agency

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Upvote listings

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One page animations

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Nomad Agency

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Startup page

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Frequently asked questions

Can I make money with your website templates?

With the marketplace website you already can. The other websites will be updated soon to work as a SAAS so you can make money with the sites. (updates are always free) You only need a Stripe account. Once you have installed the template you can add your own API keys to the Stripe plugin to receive payments. (This is not with all our templates)

Can you explain the pricing?

You only pay a one time fee, after that the website stays yours and you can use it as much as you like. We'll keep on improving the website, and you don't pay extra for updates.

How about customisation?

The websites are build on Bubble.is with Bubble you can basically create whatever you can imagine. So you can customise your website as much as you like. The websites are a way for you to quickly get started and validate an idea. They serve as a basis to build your own ideas.

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Look Mom No Code - No code templates for your next startup 🚧 | Product Hunt Embed

Reusable Elements

by Look mom no code

How does this work?

Copy paste reusable elements into your Bubble project.

Bellow you can see all the current reusable elements and the ones we are planning on adding.

The current price is just $49 this will increase when the template is becoming more valuable. Because we'll keep on adding new elements & different design styles to the elements template.

When you purchase the template the updates and extra elements are free. You can use the template as much as you like on Bubble.

Any questions please contact me dave@lookmomnocode.com

Bubble Elements

Reusable Elements

If you have any suggestions for elements please let me know


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